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Don't Hold Your Sh** is a book about letting go, written by Sydney Adeniyi. It was inspired by his niece.

She, like many toddlers, was having a hard time going poo-poo. She had a couple of bad experiences. It hurt before. Stress and fear caused her to hold it in. Mom and grandma tried all the things to get her to go: holding her hand on the potty, apple juice, prune juice, pear juice, patience, positive reinforcement, and all the types of laxatives. The baby dug in her heels... that poo-poo wasn't coming out. Even feeling sick, grumpy, and having a hard time eating would not coax her to move. She held and held. After a few days of Poo-Poogate, (Poo-Poogeddon, The Boston Poo-Party, World War Poo, Poops I Did it Again, Poo-ver Dam…) she finally went. And went. The story is, she pooped three times her body weight and may have broken some laws of physics. But, more importantly, she was happy. She pooped out her grumpies. She looked healthy and had the energy to conquer the day and play. She transformed into her old self. It was a relief for mom, grandma, and baby.

Sydney's friend, Genie, was told this story as an analogy. She was debating about dating Sweatpants Guy. He's called that because she met him at a comedy show and he was wearing sweatpants. Anyway, Genie was afraid of being open to a new relationship because of her past relationships. She wanted to protect herself from being hurt. Also, Genie wanted to hold in family drama & trauma, afraid someone new may take advantage. She was told this Poo-Poo epic, demonstrating that her sh** needed to come out just like it did with Sydney's niece. Internalizing it was only hurting her and preventing her from new opportunities. Genie decided to give Sweatpants Guy a try. They’re engaged now. Good job, Sweatpants guy!

Sydney realized that this story should be shared with more people so they can let go of their resentment and pain… and maybe one day find their proverbial Sweatpants Guy too.

Thus Sydney wrote the book Don’t Hold Your Sh** Don’t Hold Your Poo-Poo (it's censored twin):

It’s a beautiful book about letting go that encourages and supports mental healing by relieving ourselves of anger and resentment. It’s a fun story that takes us on Baby’s journey of hiding from and projecting her internalized pain until it all comes out.

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About the Author

Sydney Adeniyi is a Nigerian-American uncle, standup comedian, actor and writer from Belleville, IL who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Passionate about mental health, Sydney is a Laughter on Call comedian who fosters mental wellness and connection for working professionals and memory care residents. Sydney's unique brand of comedy encourages psychological safety, inclusion and equity.