Why This Book is Special

This book is special because it's one of a kind. It's literally in a category of it's own. It may appear similar to popular satirical titles like Go the F to Sleep, Dee's Nuts, or Everybody Poops, but it has a very important added element of mental wellness. Don't Hold Your Sh**  is a gastrointestinal health aid to your physical need to go #2, as well as encouragement to let go of resentment and grudges in order to support mental health. 

Additionally, books like ours that include characters from diverse backgrounds encourage empathy because we all have problems letting go sometimes.

 More reasons why this crap is special:

  • Yes, this book encourages kids to go poop. Poop Anxiety, Poo Phobia, or Stool Withholding is very common in kids. -  Healthline 
  • Yes, it's written to support letting go of resentment and grudges in adults as well as kids. Forgiveness can lead to healthier relationships and improved mental health.   -Mayo Clinic
  • And yes it’s a running poop joke, intentionally. Poop jokes are universally funny. And for most, the first nonverbal joke shared. Laughter naturally supports your mental health and relieves stress - WedMD 


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